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Juice for Good with Agile

Sam Bowtell
Agile Practice Lead, Commonwealth Bank

Louise Tran
Head of Purposeful Marketing, ForPurposeCo.

Everyone loves fresh orange juice, and it tastes even better when the oranges in question are rescued oranges that would have otherwise gone to waste. Sam and Louise will tell the story of how Agile was introduced to OzHarvest, Australia’s largest not for profit food waste organisation, and how that led to an Agile approach to the implementation of Juice for Good, an innovative new vending machine that uses rescued oranges.

Increasing the research sector's impact through Agile
John Westgarth
Agile Coach, Food Agility

Australia is ranked 7th in the OECD for quality of research, but 29th (out of 30) for utilisation of that research. This means that the $31.2 billion (2015) we spend annually on research and development is not being used to its full potential.

Food Agility is a government-backed CRC with a mandate to adapt Agile methods to unlock the potential of Australia’s agrifood research sector.

This talk will focus on the successes and challenges of adapting Agile to an academic research environment. How the combination of design-thinking, lean startup and Agile can be used to inform impactful research, and talk to how they have addressed cultural barriers to change.

Morning Tea
Using technology to scale social impact can change the world
Rinku Razdan
Founder & CEO, Connections Australia

Hear how Connections Australia, a volunteer organisation that consists of full stack developers, data scientists, content developers and media and marketing released a beta version of their product for user testing before releasing the MVP. Since the release of their MVP – a multilingual mobile app for new Australians (migrants), you’ll learn how they continue to release incremental value in fortnightly sprints. Rinku will share how driving a cross organisation Agile mindset and using data and API, they are able to instantly connect new Australians to their new home.

Making a medical product with Agile
Geoffrey Dunn
Lead Systems Test Engineer, ResMed

Every Agile journey is unique with its own mix of challenges and successes. ResMed’s Agile journey had plenty: False starts where Agile ideas just didn’t stick, shifts in team culture to embrace new and “risky” ideas and lessons in conflict resolution to enable true open collaboration. Geoffrey Dunn will share how his team trail blazed Agile development for medical devices, established tools and practices to cope with the regulations and documentation demands, and made some difficult transitions to becoming a self-organised team.

In Cahoots with Agile

Jess Karlsson*
CEO, Cahoots

*Via video stream from Perth

In this talk Cahoots CEO Jess Karlsson will reflect on the NFP company’s Agile journey and share the story of how they adapted to launch a new, essential service across all of Perth within 2 weeks, whilst working remotely.

You’ll also hear the recommended tools, methods and practices Cahoots have used to rapidly evolve and transition during the pandemic.

Creating human-centredness during the COVID crisis
Anet Redmer
Service Design & Human-Centred Design Leadership, NSW Department of Customer Service

…When lack of time and threat of transmission form the way you work!

Afternoon tea & wrap up

*This program is subject to change.

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